Disassembling the Fotokor.

Actually, two Fotokors are shown here. They are almost the same, with few exceptions.

1.Side view2.Front view while folded
3.Remove the ground glass4.Unscrew the nut
5,6.Here is how it looks with bellows folded and shutter assembly removed.

This allows to remove the lens. Now let's look at the lens.

7.Shutter assembly with the lens8.Front lens removed
9.The front lens10.The lens serial number
11.Rear lens removed
(the nut is back in place)
12.The rear lens

Now we are ready to unscrew three screws and to open the shutter.

13.Shutter, view from the bottom14.Shutter, view from the top
15.Carefully remove the shutter blades16.The shutter blades
17.Diaphragm blades. The damaged one is marked

To be continued...