The SpeleoAstronomy
По-русски NYT - Not Yet Translated

Underground travels
Reports and photos of underground travels, search expeditions, festivities, discoveries, competitions.
Department of the Earth and Surface Water
Organizes surface expeditions. The main subjects of study are mountains, rivers, forests etc. NYT
Department of Topology and Topography
Theory and practice of cave surveying. NYT
Department of the Light and Electricity NYT
Department of the Underground- and Astro- photography
all about the air, surface and underground photography  NEW 25.01.2005
Department of the Astrobotany and Troglodytology
Life exists everywhere. NYT
Department of the Ultralightweight Aviation and Space travels
Department of the Ecology and Sewer systems

Subterranean Picture Of the Day
Virtual exhibition "Forks!"
Photo gallery "Caves and Water", 2004

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